Welcome to our Gallery of Videos and Images to give you an insight to all areas of Futura. We will continue to add content to this area over time, many of our videos and images can also be found across our multiple social media platforms.

Our Facility

Our prototype facility based in Coventry, Baginton, is purposely designed for efficiency and quality. Using new equipment and the latest technologies and finishing application, quality and speed are guaranteed in delivery.

  • Futura Design Coventry West Midlands
  • Futura Design Facilities 04
  • Futura Prototyping Coventry West Midlands
  • Futura Design Facilities 05
  • Futura Design Facilities 02
  • Futura Design Facilities 03
  • Futura Design Facilities 01

Rapid Prototyping

With varying routes for manufacture through additive manufacturing we have our dedicated division to support your programme or product. Here are some examples of our machines in action.

  • Rapid Prototyping Coventry West Midlands
  • Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing 01
  • Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing 02
  • Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing 04
  • Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing 03
  • Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing 05

Resin Tables

Utilising our facilities and capabilities we have delivered bespoke resin tables for clients.

  • Bespoke Yew Resin Table 01
  • Bespoke Yew Resin Table 04
  • Bespoke Yew Resin Table 05
  • Bespoke Yew Resin Table 03
  • Bespoke Yew Resin Table 02

Paint Development & Applications

We work with many colour and materials departments to develop new colours using the latest paint application technologies nd can handle bespoke paint projects specialising in finishing of Prototype Models.

  • Paint Development & Applications 01
  • Paint Development & Applications 02
  • Paint Development & Applications 03
  • Paint Development & Applications 04
  • Paint Development & Applications 05
  • Paint Development & Applications 06
  • Paint Development & Applications 07
  • Paint Development & Applications 08
  • Paint Development & Applications 09
  • Paint Development & Applications 10
  • Paint Development & Applications 11
  • Paint Development & Applications 12
  • Paint Development & Applications 13

Porsche 356

We were commissioned to paint a Porsche 356. The body required full restoration, rust removed, unwanted bumpers were removed and areas behind were resurfaced. All panels had to be surfaced, aligned and gapped. Finally a bespoke colour was made using a modern twist of the original Polyantha Red. Final images will be available in due course.

  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 01
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 02
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 03
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 04
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 05
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 06
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 07
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 08
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 11
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 12
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 09
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 13
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 14
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 15
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 16
  • Futura Porsche 356 Paint 10

Land Rover Taxi Cabs for Judge Dredd film starring Sylvester Stallone

We took existing army people carriers and stripped off the body’s, then manufactured and refitted new GRP body panels and painted to finish. We made 25 of these in a low volume production run to support the Judge Dredd film starring Sylvester Stallone. Talented Designer Dave Woodhouse led the Design.

  • Land Rover Taxi Cabs For Judge Dredd Film 1
  • Land Rover Taxi Cabs For Judge Dredd Film 2
  • Land Rover Taxi Cabs For Judge Dredd Film 3

Infiniti Q80 Marketing Demonstration Model

This model went into the Westfield Shopping Centre in London. Manufactured out of Polyurethane Modelboard, a mixture of densities between body and detailed areas. Finished with a high-level paint finish. We also manufactured and painted white scale models for display around the main Q80 model.

  • Infiniti Q80 Marketing Demonstration Model 1
  • Infiniti Q80 Marketing Demonstration Model 2
  • Infiniti Q80 Marketing Demonstration Model 3
  • Infiniti Q80 Marketing Demonstration Model 4

Isuzu VX-2 Concept Car

This Concept Car was for the Tokyo Motorshow. Utilising a donor vehicle that we stripped to BIW we installed new interior, new exterior body, wheels, electrics, and dressed parts, all painted to a show car finish.

  • Isuzu VX 2 Concept Car 1
  • Isuzu VX 2 Concept Car 2
  • Isuzu VX 2 Concept Car 3
  • Isuzu VX 2 Concept Car 4

Isuzu Vehicross Concept

The Vehicross was a star of the show at the Tokyo Motorshow. The Concept did go into production and won various awards. The Concept Car we produced was what’s known as a “ground-up”, everything had to be designed, engineered, manufactured and finished including chassis, body panels, interior, and electronics.

  • Isuzu Vehicross Concept 1
  • Isuzu Vehicross Concept 2
  • Isuzu VX 2 Concept Car 3