Service Prototyping Cad Design Engineering

Our team of engineers have a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries. Using latest the Engineering Software we can take your sketches, drawings or A-surface release, engineer and design the B-surface to create a 3D solid model – always with the route of manufacture in mind.

Whilst modelling takes place, we can apply offsets to the model surfaces to allow for leather or fabric trimming or even a paint allowance if required. Assemblies are broken out into smaller part detail models which make it easier when painted in different colours and the aesthetic appearance of the stacked models is more apparent.
Generally, parts are milled or made as rapid prototypes. If parts are to be milled, we consider tool size and access, so where possible model in tapered walls and large fillets. Parts designed for RPT manufacture are more forgiving, no need for tapered walls and fillets can be very small or even sharp corners. The only caveat is the model needs to be a closed tolerance ‘watertight ‘model to produce a good STL file from.
We hold regular design reviews on-site or a secure WebEx session to gain customer approval prior to manufacture.